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Make Room for New Beginnings

By Valerie Savino When I think about renewal, I picture a new beginning; flowers coming up in the spring, bunny babies, ducklings in the pond near our house, the frogs singing at night to the full moon, birds returning and building new nests. All of these things spell spring for me, and a time for […]

Spring Renewal, Huh?

By Robyn Beckman Now that Spring has arrived, how am I feeling and what is present for me? What has this last year of being in Retreat in my home uncovered or revealed? What has changed for me? To be honest, whenever I read or hear about all the things that people accomplished, learned, fixed […]

Spring in the Big Easy

By Melody Burson As I write this, we are trying to emerge from the COVID restrictions on travel and gatherings. Many of us are trying to get out and see new places and revisit old, familiar sites. Although it may be too early to hit the road or skies for an extended vacation right now, […]

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