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Valentine’s Day – Bah Humbug!

For years, I hated Valentine’s Day. It felt like an artificial holiday that was filled with external pressure to BE ROMANTIC and spend money in an effort to prove to your loved one that you really do love them – even though you both already knew it and felt it as a truly lived and […]

Love is in the Air and on the Plate

By Melody Burson Trust me on this one. DO NOT go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. It’s one of the most popular days to dine out regardless of pandemic capacity limits. Reservations will be scarce. Even restaurants that normally offer great in-house or to-go service will struggle come Valentine’s Day. It’s going to be […]

You Had Me at Pinot

By Shelly Waldron Is it just me or do you feel like you have been waking up to a perpetual Groundhog’s Day for the past year?  Certainly, the days of last summer seem like a time of freedom compared to the past few winter months. Perhaps, like you, it’s been eleven long months since taking […]

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