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A New Year – Japanese Style

By Melody Burson We walked the narrow, meandering paths of Komae to make our way to our friend Misa’s parents’ house from the train station. It was past midnight and the snow covered the old town section of this Tokyo suburb with a thick blanket of white. It was eerily quiet, except for the muted […]

November is a Time to be Grateful

By Robyn Beckman I am grateful for music and my sense of hearing so that I can listen and enjoy all the beautiful varieties and genres of music. Music can create a mood, change a mood, uplift me, soothe, energize, calm and evoke memories! I am grateful for the easy access to so many musicians, […]

Transitioning from Summer to Autumn

By Robyn Beckman When asked to write about Autumn for this month’s “Inside Life Times” magazine, I felt a tightening in my gut.  Because doing so, means the end of my favorite season of the year – SUMMER! Usually, summer in the Puget Sound begins on July 5th – not so this year; it didn’t […]

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