Astrology, Covid-19 and Changing Times

by Jan Christian

At times like this, we search for guidance, reasons why we are in the predicament we find ourselves.  Astrology can provide the big picture cycles of change experienced as a collective group as well as individuals.  Did astrology predict covid-19?  Not exactly, but the outer planets have indicted a cycle of deep societal change that of which we have not seen in 500 years.  The virus has been the wake-up call provided by Mother Nature as the changes that have been needed have been slow to come.  Diseases and plagues are the ultimate cure that gets everyone’s attention when other alarm bells are ignored. They can also be a reset button to a world gone out of control.

In astrological terms, 3 major planets, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto have been transiting together through the sign of Capricorn for the past year.  Capricorn is the sign that rules big business, structure & rules, government, the public and outer world.  It is also a sign of action & change.  Pluto as a planet moves very slowly around the Earth and is the planet of transformation.  In Capricorn, it been influencing our subconscious that the structures that have been supporting us need to be destroyed and re-invented. The signs have been with us for some time – look at education, health care, equal and fair compensation, governments. As people evolve and needs change, so must the organizations and systems that support us.  

The delay factor from the past 2 years have been from Saturn. Transits from Saturn show us what areas of life need to be restructured, but resistance is high as thought forms and beliefs get crystalized. The status quo is fighting, kicking and screaming to keep things just the way they are.  Only by force will they now need to see the problems these inflexible beliefs and systems have caused. Suddenly health care workers are the new heroes and not having insurance when you lose your job has very real consequences that can affect others.

I must address Jupiter as the additional planet to the mix. Jupiter’s energies expand what they touch and usually in a positive direction. This planet also rules our beliefs, religious and political.  Therefore when Jupiter joined the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto that need for change became stronger and lively debates began– recall the battles we witnessed over systems in health care, government leadership and corporate influence.

So my friends, where are we today?  Saturn has popped in Aquarius for a few months to show us some potential on how broken structures can be reinvented and support the Collective.  By working together, multiple virus solutions are being tested, ventilators are being manufactured by auto companies, and the business community is stepping up to help in more inventive ways.  Aquarius also rules technology and it will play an even greater role of how we get out of the virus mess and save economies.  Collective freedoms will also be voiced more and more in the coming years.  The beauty of the virus is that it has shown us the benefits of different life-styles. Maybe quiet reflection and staying with family more is a good thing. Do we all really need to commute daily to get work accomplished? The quick adoption of ZOOM – the teleconferencing tool  – has gotten people together in ways we would not have tried previously.  I think the real benefactor has been Mother Earth that put us in the collective “time-out” room to show us that we can improve our air and water quality by not driving, flying and producing so much. It is my sincere hope that people will reflect on this as we begin to return to more mobile lives.

Timing is another thing that astrology can provide. The big 3 , Saturn Jupiter and Pluto , are in the latter degrees of Capricorn and will soon go retrograde. In fact, Pluto is retrograde now, soon followed by Jupiter and Saturn. This gives the energies a more internal processing or introverted placement.  The virus will also withdraw from its outer presence as we find our way to reintroduction to the outer world.  Saturn will also go back into Capricorn in July , so expect more rule changes and resistance.  Sadly, the information we have been hearing is that the virus and its disruptions will likely return this Fall.  This could happen in September and October, as the big 3 will again go forward in the skies and start their final roll-out of change. When planets complete their transit of a sign of the Zodiac that is where the lessons show up.  Expect that December will be an intense time, but good news is on the way!

Saturn and Jupiter will be close together in the sign of Aquarius for the last 2 weeks of December and into the New Year. Expect that the Collective will begin to have a voice and the needs of the many will override those of the few (or the 2%). Aquarius brings a revolutionary tone, with new ideas. Science and technology will be guiding principles as well.  The planet Uranus has been in Taurus for about 2 years and will continue its influence to change our values, relationship to money and each other and maybe even Mother Earth.  :  )

Every 20 years, Saturn and Jupiter join up in one of the 12 signs and has had a notable effect on our Presidential election! At year end, they will both be in Aquarius, with Jupiter adding an expansive touch.   I will stick my neck out and present my predictions for the Election this November. Our candidates are Mr. Trump, a Gemini with Leo rising, and Mr. Biden, a Scorpio with Sagittarius rising.  I will discuss their aspects on Election Day and the US chart in the next Blog edition.

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