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Sometimes Life Throws You a Curveball

By Valerie Savino

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Here I was, trying to navigate the new normal with social distancing and Covid 19, when suddenly I was confronted with a health emergency of a different nature. Last week, after months of trying to get an angiogram, we discovered that my husband needed urgent cardiac bypass surgery. What came after was a whirlwind week of tests and labs and doctor visits. Once they decided he was a good candidate for the surgery, we had two days to catch our collective breaths and assimilate what this all meant.  Being a planner myself, I like to know what to expect and when, but medical personnel can only give you an educated guess. Everyone is different.

How true that statement became for me this week. I tend to look at how we are all alike in our common humanity. How we have the same hopes for the future, how we all just want to be loved and happy. It was difficult for me not to have straightforward answers. As I write this, I still don’t know what day he is coming home, or what he can eat, or what I need to do to take care of him. I just have to be patient and satisfied with the progress he is making toward a recovery.

He is a fighter. He is trying everyday to get better. They have him up and walking. He is doing breathing exercises and learning how to get in and out of bed without causing pain in his sternum. Healing is different for everyone. Our bodies and most importantly, our minds, have a remarkable ability to adapt and heal. We can all tap into the energy of Universal Love, or as Esther Hicks says, that which man calls God, for help and comfort. Whether you do this with prayer and meditation, or by listening to music, reading inspiring books and classic literature, communing with nature or doing yoga, you are taking charge of your own experience in this world.

Taking charge of your healing and your life is an important lesson to learn in our time here on earth. We all live in a Benevolent Universe. As Jesus taught us, the true nature of God is love. Everything happens for you, and nothing ever happens to you. Easy words to say, but harder to believe. I get through life’s challenges with Loving Kindness Meditations and visualizing. I send my love out to the world in general, and my close friends and family in particular. It gives me a chance to change the way my mind works and to overcome worry and anxiety. The law of Attraction says, that which is like unto itself is drawn. When we send out our love to the world, we receive back that same love and more from the Universe. Also, a little wine, good food, laughter and friends help too.

The wonderful nurses, doctors, and staff at The Pulse Heart Institute are truly angels in disguise. Not only did they care for my husband with kindness and professionalism, they also cared for me in many surprising ways. Just by simply asking how I was doing, or offering to get me a private room where I could meditate made all the difference during this difficult time. I am so grateful to everyone who has reached out to me and offered to help with chores, or to just listen while I rant about how I feel. To everyone who has offered encouragement, love and prayers, I want you to know I appreciate it, and even though we cannot be together physically, I can still feel your hugs and love.

For more information about your mind-body connection and healing I recommend the book “Mind to Matter”, by Dawson Church. You can download his guided Eco Meditation at http://www.dawsongift.com

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  1. Your positivity is so inspiring and I’m sure will help make Robert’s recovery and healing a better journey. Sending healing energy to him every day. I am so glad that your needs were met while at the Pulse Heart Institute and that they took such good care of your hubby. I’ll bet Penny is happy to have him home again! Let me know if I can be of any help, Val! X0X0


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