Restaurant Reviews

Easy Thai Easy Go

By Melody Burson

This year-old restaurant is next door to the Bridgeway Market by the Purdy Bridge. I was hearing rave reviews about them right from the start – great food, small and clean, and friendly people. They did a booming take-out business even before the COVID-19 crisis, and they are more popular than ever since many restaurants have temporarily shuttered.

Although their menu is not as extensive as other Thai restaurants in the area (and I think some overreach with trying to have a large variety of dishes), everything we’ve had has been fresh and delicious.  So far we’ve tried their Deep Fried Spring Rolls, Pad Thai, Beef with Broccoli Oyster Sauce, and Chicken Pad Ped, but my favorite go-to (and to-go) dish is their Rad Na. I choose chicken as my protein and do three on the heat scale. It’s an umami fest of wide rice noodles, Chinese broccoli, carrots and chicken in a soy sauce based gravy. I’ve tried to make this at home, but all of the recipes I’ve used just don’t measure up what they serve at Easy Thai Easy Go. I am now on a quest to find out their secret ingredient.

Beer and wine are still on their menu, but I’m not sure if these are available as take-out items. In a pinch, the grocery market next door and the nearby Purdy Liquor will fulfill your adult beverage needs.

I think this place is far better than the other Thai restaurants in the Harbor, in both food and service. Please give them a try, especially if you’ve been disappointed with the others lately.

Easy Thai Easy Go is open from 1-8 pm, Monday through Saturday (closed Sunday). Address: 6707 Tyee Drive NW; Phone: (253) 853-7427

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