Feng Shui

Feng Shui and the Bagua-Part II

By Jan Christian

For those of you that read my first article on Feng Shui, this is a follow up on the work you may have done on one room of your home. You can shift the energy in many ways, such as general cleaning and removal of clutter, rearranging furniture, painting and changing colors, plus enhancements.  The list below are extra changes you can make to increase the energy of the room, hence its balance and comfort.  Ideally you want to see a balance of the elements, water, fire, earth, metal and air.  Examples:  Fire is added by fireplaces and candles, Air by fans, ionizers, opening the windows.  An overabundance of any elements will weigh the room down or make the room uncomfortable.  Maybe you have seen rooms full of large, wood furniture. This will pull the energy down and make the room feel heavy.  

The graphic above is called the bagua in Feng Shui.  The concept is that this image placed over the footprint of your home shows which rooms relate to areas of your life.  Place the Career section at your front door and see how the other rooms fall on the grid. Include upstairs room as well if your home is a 2-story.   When I look at a new home, I specifically check the back 2 corners that are money and relationships.  If you have bathrooms in those areas, your money will go “down the drain” or relationships can become unstable.  If you find yourself in those situations, enhance the energy through corrections. Another example  – Let’s say the money area is afflicted with a toilet and sink in that area.  You may just want to improve your financial situation.   Place coins or images of money in the Money area of your home.  Keep the energy moving in that area using some of the corrections below.

Items to use for corrections to feng shui balance:

  • Crystals
  • Fountains, aquariums
  • Rattling, smudging, sound (wind chimes), music, crystal bowls, drumming.  Stale energy gathers in corners.
  • Lighting added to dark sections can make a world of difference.  
  • Plants and live flowers.  Remove anything that is dead, dying or root-bound!  No room for growth. You could also add a new plant in an area where you would like to promote growth.
  • Mirrors – a well- placed mirror reflects energy back into low energy areas. Too many mirrors make a space difficult for relaxation.
  • Ceiling fans
  • Pets move energy throughout the home
  • Real Candles , fireplace
  • Ionizers – If you live by evergreens, you have natural ionizers as forest air has negative ions, which give restful energy, much like the ocean.
  • Open the windows – is the air moving in all areas of your home? How often is there fresh air?
  • Clear clutter and remove items you no longer like, use or want. Introduce new items that you love! We grow and change and so should your home.

The information below is a fun way to check the numerology of your current home, or maybe a new one you are checking out. Remember numbers are symbolic and have energy as well. For those that understand a bit about astrology, I have listed the ruling planet too. As in anything there are positive impacts and some negative to be aware of.

Numerology of home address (add up all numbers in the address to reduce to one number ) EX:  257 16th St. = 14 + 7= 21 , add 2+1 = 3 house

1. New beginnings, individuals will operate on a more separate level within the home, creativity. Good to develop a sense of self.  Strong emotions may be present. Could be poor for cooperation in partnerships and feel isolating.  Ruled by the Sun.

2.  A balance of yin/yang, putting others before yourself, great for relationships. Harmony, close to nature, art will flourish. Can become oversensitive and caring of the needs of others. Occupants can become self-contained.  Ruled by Venus

3. Trinity of body, mind, spirit, Expansion, if you want to expand the activities in your life, good choice. Fun and optimistic.  Good for parties. Bad side – tendency to over expand and scatter your energies. Ruled by Jupiter.

4. Stability, security, work service & productivity, wholeness, responsibilities. A very grounded home, lends to building foundations for the future.  Can be too focused on work and responsibilities in a 4 home. May need to loosen up.  Ruled by Saturn

5. High level of communications and activity, feeling free and adventurous, change. If you want to refresh your life and bring more excitement, go for 5 home. Also a good party house. Ruled by Mercury.  Could be hard to relax and a feeling of too busy.

6. Self-harmony, compassion, love, community service, Harmony & balance. Good to develop artistic side. Beautifying home may be important. Sense of family is important.  Ruled by Venus. Could be too giving and get out of balance. May get reclusive due to comfort of home.

7. Mystical, Solitary and peaceful. Spiritual.  This is the retreat , Zen home. Good for the student and researcher. This is not the home to advance the material side. Ruled by Neptune.

8. Infinity, prosperity, power and money. Reward & leadership, the number of wholeness.  Can make a good investment here. Be careful to think of others and wise with your finances.  Ruled by Pluto.

9. Selflessness, completions & endings, tolerance, release, wisdom. You reap the rewards from past efforts. Old friendships are important.  May fail to see the individual needs. Ruled by Neptune.

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