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Healing …. Naturally

By Jan Christian

I recently finished watching a superb 9-part series on alternative ways of health care. Now, many of these suggestions are things we all have heard of such as yoga, acupuncture, herbal medicine and mindfulness. The point of the series was to interview doctors that have scientific proof on why these modalities work. Each segment listed the Top 5 healing techniques that were recommended and I will share some of those with you!

If you live in the USA, our health care system is primarily insurance based, meaning insurance coverage drives what your doctor prescribes and what most patients are willing to accept. So sadly, most treatments outside this realm are not mentioned by your doctor, unless you go to a Naturopathic doctor. Allopathic medicine is also based in treating symptoms, not the root cause, thus our dependence on drugs (and their side-effects) and surgeries. Please keep in mind that the FDA is funded by Big Pharma, so pharmaceutical options get more attention, as opposed to the therapies mentioned in this article. Up to 90% of health issues are chronic and build up over time, so addressing the root cause is critical to true healing.

The first part of the series was dedicated to stress as many of our conditions are tied to unmanaged stress. In today’s covid-19 pandemic, stress is a very real concern for all of us and the better it is managed, the better your immune system can safeguard your body. See your body as an emotional, mental and spiritual one as well as physical. When given the proper direction, your body is designed to heal itself!

Here are the Top 5 natural things you can to help:

  • #5  YOGA – To understand the benefits, it is best to appreciate how our breath affects the central nervous system. Yoga combines postures that create body balance and controlled breathing – all of which relax and heal the body. It becomes an almost meditative practice as it focuses your attention and regulates your mood. Having practiced for over 25 years, yoga has surely balanced my emotions and kept me flexible, another important life-skill.
  • #4  HERBAL MEDICINE – Herbal remedies are some of the original healing potions. In fact, most drugs we now take are derivatives of herbs and can be patented on that level. It is far better to take the entire compound when it comes to healing. One herb in particular was recommended, Ashwagandha, better known as Indian ginseng. Its’ benefits are many: cognitive health, adrenal support, and positive effect on blood pressure. It is best to purchase any medicinal herb from a Naturopath as they can recommend best brands and understand interactions with other medicines. Reishi mushrooms were also suggested.
  • #3 MINDFULNESS – So many of us are pulled in multiple directions and can no longer focus our thoughts for more than a few minutes. This has contributed to increased levels of anxiety and depression. Mindfulness or MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) teaches us to be kind to ourselves and to be present in the moment. There are hundreds of studies that provide proof on how this process can help with stress. Catch the TED talk: How to Make Stress Your Friend. There are also many on-line classes to help practice this wonderful technique.
  • #2 – TAI-CHI – Tai-chi and Qigong are systematic movements that teach the body to self-regulate itself and de-stress.  The ancient Chinese developed these poses, much like yoga, to engage with your body and emotions. The healing benefits are timeless and provide balance.
  • #1 – EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. Developed by Nick Ortner, this has become more widely known as a way to quickly balance your emotions and mental health, by tapping on meridians on the body to again stimulate emotional balance and release stress. Go to his website to try samples of how tapping works.  I have added this to my bag of tricks and it really works!

The second segment was focused on our immune system.  People with a strong immune system are able to allow viruses and other potential health issues to essentially heal naturally, or at least with minimal invasion. According the doctors, all disease points to a leaky gut or micro-biome issues. Genetic vulnerabilities are a factor, but again just a potential NOT an inevitable outcome. Belly fat is a sign of inflammation!, so correcting gut issues is the ultimate solution.  Many of the next 5 therapies can be used on a pro-active basis to keep your body operating at its best. You need not wait until you have a major illness to seek treatment.

  • #5 BIOFEEDBACK – This therapy demonstrates the mind/body connection and can help you learn to regulate signals within the electrical current of the body. By learning how to control the body response, you can regulate pain, headaches, and heart rate through the vagus nerve. This can also balance your immune system.
  • #4 ACUPUNCTURE – By balancing the left and right hemisphere of your body, you again help the body to heal itself and allow your immune system to function properly. Acupuncture can release energy blockages that are affecting your body.
  • #3 FUNCTIONAL MUSHROOMS – There is a definite relationship between bacteria and fungi. Mushrooms naturally break down organic material and convert toxins into inorganic matter. Their benefits effect our glands, circulation, heart health and helps to heal inflammation. Mushrooms mentioned were Reishi and Kombucha. They are even shown to assist in healing cancer. Fermented foods such as Kimchi, are also powerful foods to boost your immune system.
  • #2 HERBS – There are numerous herbs that support a healthy immune system. In particular, astragalus for its effect on the liver, peppermint oil (anti-microbial agent) and turmeric powder.
  • #1 NUTRITION –What we eat has a daily effect on gut issues and can bring inflammation triggers if foods are not processed. Acidophilus has many benefits to assist digestion. As we are all so individual in our food needs, it is suggested to take a Gut Intelligence test called VIOME,  This test will guide you to optimum foods to support your body.

I must give credit to Nick Polizzi, who offered this series free on an introductory basis.  If you want to know more about him, he is on Facebook and offers the series on the link below:

This series also provided wonderful suggestions in regards to cancer, heart and brain health.  Ultimately you may want to combine conventional medicine with some of the alternatives offered when you seek medical help. Our bodies are amazing miracles that have ways to help and cure us when given the proper attention. Another great resource is PubMed, a site on scientific information regarding medicine and healing.  I encourage you to do some research and expand your approach to healing, but mostly take the time to MAINTAIN your health, before a chronic illness strikes.

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