Health and Wellness

The Body is Our Chariot Through Life

By Valerie Savino

When you came into this world, you didn’t come alone. You entered into a relationship with a group of living cells that are your constant companions in this lifetime. These cells have a life cycle and intelligence that operate on their own without any conscious effort on our part. Together they make up our living body, our chariot through this life. 

We don’t usually pay much attention to the well-being of our bodies except when we become sick, or when something hurts. Much like a car, we take everything for granted until something breaks, then we frantically run around trying to find someone who can fix it.

I am the first to admit that I take my body for granted. I eat food that I know is not good for me and drink way too much wine at times. Sometimes I get mad at myself and my body for being too fat or out of shape.  If I eat too much food or drink too much wine, my body does its job of storing away the excess calories so that I have a ready source of energy in case of a shortage, even though there is little chance of that happening here in our civilized world.

Lately, I have been thinking about how I treat my body, this wonderful gift I have to take me through life. I have come to realize that I need to be more grateful for my health and the way my body cares for me. Our bodies have a remarkable ability to heal, if we will just get out of the way. The cells reproduce and renew without us even being aware. They only things they need to do their jobs are the proper nutrients and water.

 If we give our bodies what they need to be heal, we will see amazing results. This means that we eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats such as avocado and olive oil, fresh nuts and seeds, whole grains and lean sources of protein from plants as well as animals. We also need to keep our bodies hydrated with fresh, pure water. Put your water in an open pitcher for about an hour to let the chlorine dissipate, then place it in a glass container to chill in the refrigerator. Before you chill the water, say a blessing and offer thanks for this gift of our earth. By doing this, you will instill in the water your highest healing energy of appreciation and gratitude.

We intuitively know that some things interfere with our cells ability to repair. Stress, especially, is damaging to our bodies and manifests as many illnesses, such as heart or digestive disorders and reduces our immunoglobulins which help us fight bacteria and viruses. We must look at ways to reduce stress in our lives. At one time, hypervigilance and the fight or flight response served us well and enabled us to survive in a dangerous world, but now, stress is the major cause of most illness.

Proper sleep, exercise and meditation are the best ways to reduce stress and strengthen our immune systems. Exercise and meditation are helpful in restoring proper sleep patterns. Many of us wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back to sleep. I have found that using a type of meditation called a body scan is especially helpful in this situation.  

Many of us go through life filled with worry and fear. We obsess over things that might happen in the future, or things that have happened in the past.  We are full of dread about our jobs and finances, or the fate of family members, or the traffic, or politics, or our own health issues. Sometimes it seems impossible to let go of these thoughts. If you feel so overwhelmed by these thoughts that you can not function, it is important to find a good therapist to help you find some relief. If you want to help your mind heal, mindfulness-based meditation is very helpful, as well as exercise. Yoga, massage, or even a walk in nature can be very soothing. 

Visualization is another effective tool you can use to heal your body. This can be used along with any prescribed medical treatment.  When you have pain or an illness, visualize your body healing at the cellular level.  See the immune system attacking and eating up any invaders such as viruses, bacteria, parasites and cancers. Feel the healing energy flowing through your body, removing any stress along with the illness. See your body growing strong and powerful, full of joy and positive energy.

Through this healing visualization, you can connect with source energy. Your breath is the pathway to love and compassion. Send your heart centered love and compassion out into the world. You will be amazed at what happens. If you are dealing with a particularly difficult person, send them your love, even though it will be difficult.  See that person bathed in your love and compassion. It will change their energy pattern and the way they interact with you. Try it. You will be surprised at the results.  If you can not send them your love, then send your gratitude for the life lesson they are providing.

Treat yourself with kindness and compassion. Take care of your body and your mind, so that you can have a healthy, joyful life.  I know that things are very challenging right now and we are all concerned about the future, not just for ourselves, but for our country and the world. It is important that we understand the power of our energy. This collection of cells we live with creates the energy pattern of our lives. We send our energy out into the world with our very thoughts. We are creating the future for ourselves right now with our thoughts and feelings. Try to stay on the highest frequency of love and compassion. If we want to see a better world, we must create it with our loving energy.

For a healing meditation with affirmations try the free meditation app Insight Timer and look for the collection created by Gary Temple Bodley.  Also, for more information about Heart-Centered Loving Kindness for the World, look at the blog by Jeff Vander Clute.

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